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Start Your Brand: Mission Statement

By: Start Your Brand

October 24, 2014

Welcome to Start Your Brand | The One-Stop Shop For ALL of Your Branding Needs!

Our goal is to help small brand owners create a successful business by effectively making the startup process as simple to understand as possible. Start Your Brand provides features that help all users to learn the fundamentals of starting a new brand, as well as providing them with the potential to create a series of products all in one place!

"The Apparel Industry Middle-Man"

Start Your Brand, formally known as Clothing Company Startup, was founded in 2013 as a simple blog with features that allow small brand owners the opportunity to learn how to build a business, along with providing them with the potential to advertise their brand for free. We built a strong following with brands located all over the world, and we were continuing to grow rapidly. After twelve months of operating, we decided to construct a new, updated website that would provide users with additional features that can help in ways far greater than what we were currently offering at that time. Start Your Brand was created with intentions of building an online community for independent brand owners and custom service providers & manufacturers to connect in order to effectively help each individual business grow. This platform was designed to help all groups involved in the branding industry by supplying them with the direct help that they need. Users have the potential to take advantage of the resources provided on our website in order to learn, create, and build their brand. Whether you are a small brand owner, incorporated manufacturer, or simply just looking to print some custom t-shirts - We can help you!

ARTICLES: Free information regarding the concepts of business and building your brand identity - Browse through our articles in order to help point you in the right direction.

DIRECTORY: Users have the potential to browse through a variety of custom promotional manufacturers & service providers located worldwide in order to find the right company within their requirements to produce their products. The registered businesses listed in our Directory are supplied with a direct market for the products and service they offer, which helps to attract more customers towards their business.

JOBS: Hire or get hired. Users can create a job listing for their business, such as logo/web design, photography, modeling, etc. - Other users that meet the job requirements can then contact each business to help complete the corresponding job.

Take advantage of our website and the information & features we have provided - Continue to learn and grow with us. We strive to help your business become successful!