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Focus: Starting Your Brand

By: Start Your Brand

October 24, 2014

When creating a new brand, you must first decide on the initial focus of your company.

Focus; the message, theme or general idea behind your brand.

Your brand must be different and unique when compared with others. Creating an appealing message or theme that nobody is currently using is a great start. Keep in mind, there are thousands of competing brands out there; most of which have a similar focus or theme. If you share a similar focus with another company, it may be far more difficult to build a name for yourself. To thrive in the branding industry you cannot follow trends, you must create your own. If there is an existing company sharing a similar focus with your brand, why would consumers purchase your products? Your focus must be different from ALL other brands. Consumers love changes, and are constantly looking for the next best thing. If you can develop a creative, yet different type of focus, your brand will have a far greater chance of becoming successful. This may be difficult at first, due to the fact that most of you starting out are doing so because you currently have a strong interest in an existing brand. But attempting to create your brand as similar as any other brand is not a good idea.

When explaining your brand to possible customers, what would you say? How would you describe your brand to people in order for them to find it interesting? Think of your interests, or a message that your costumers would find appealing and inspiring. Be creative! Think outside of the box!