Brand Exposure


By: Klutch Inc.

January 14, 2015

"Klutch, Inc." Is startup clothing brand, its motto "Think, Feel, Klutch" is simple yet complex through its millions of meanings. Think stands for all the ideas, imagination, and perspective that define the path you take. Feel means your belief in yourself, and having the courage to do whatever you set your mind to, and Klutch is for the moment. When you did the impossible. Went against all odds and won. The moment. When you finally reached your dreams. This lifestyle brand motto of never giving up, to reach for the skies is what Klutch is all about. And its clothing shows that. The fist symbolizes infinite possibility. Of, reaching whatever you want, and clutching it. While the 7 pointed crown represents the perspective of luck, and how it's always on your side. All and all this brand is for everyone who has a dream, and goal they want to reach, because it doesn't matter how big your dream are, or how imposable they seem. All you got to do is reach out and Klutch it.



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