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The Man Behind The Wave: Bayo Arigbon & Wavy Boy Clothing

By: Start Your Brand

November 29, 2014

"First off, who is Bayo Arigbon? Second, what is Wavy Boy Clothing?"

"I would say Bayo Arigbon is a pro basketball player from Portland, Oregon, who started Wavy Boy Clothing and founded The Arigbon Charity Foundation."

"So you played pro? Were you any good & where have you played?"

"After scoring titles in Iceland, Chile and Ecuador, I'd say I know how to put the ball in the basket a lil. Aside from those places I've also played in Spain, Israel, and Qatar. I'm just thankful to be able to start a business with income from the job of my dreams."

"That's awesome! So you have a charity? What's that about?"

"The charity is called The Arigbon Charity Foundation ( - It's something I created so our family would have an opportunity to lead by example in our community. Our latest campaign "HOPE4THEHUNGRY" has fed over 450 hungry Oregonians. The Arigbon Charity Foundation's main intention is to provide hope for the hungry, but not just to those who hunger for food, but others too, who hunger for a better lifestyle, and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it."

"Now that we know a little about you, tell us about Wavy Boy Clothing"

"I was inspired to start my own brand when I stopped by a custom t-shirt place in Tel Aviv, Israel. Israel is one of the countries God has allowed me to see while playing basketball. It was after that stop I thought to myself, "I'll just make clothes that I like, and then if people like them, sell em', but if not at least I would have clothes I thought was wavy." So now you're probably thinking, "What's Wavy?" - Don't worry; we got a shirt that explains it all."

"Who or what influenced you to create this successful brand?"

"I would say, Max B. I followed his music, interviews, and all that. I seen the swag, the style...the wave, and wanted that same confidence, but in clothing form. That's why Wavy Boy Clothing is CONFIDENCE in CLOTHING form."

"So how could you describe your brand?"

"Wavy Boy Clothing is superior urban street wear, but also includes a selection of graphic tees, polos, and other casual options. There's something for men, women & children, with Wavy Boy Clothing your just one click away from a fashion statement."

"So what would you say sets your brand apart from the rest?"

"That's easy, my clothes aren't even from this planet...they're made on the Moon. If it wasn't for the Wavy Bear, none of this would be possible. He makes trips up there weekly, and brings back the hottest stuff; I just deliver it to the public. Wavy Bear is the face of Wavy Boy Clothing, I just do the front office stuff." (laughs)

"Is there anything else you want the world to know?"

"If you are wanting to start a brand, don't let anyone discourage you. Put God first and anything is possible. There are AWESOME sites out there that can help you like; they offer valuable information that can make a world of difference! I honestly wish I would of found such a site back in 2013 when I started my brand, but I'm glad I found them now! Also our most anticipated collection of the fall, The "Bear & Horses" collection is available now, so head over to and stay WAVY my friends."



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